Catherine Ventura 

Art Therapist  HongKong Taiwan Japan Myanmar USA

• M.Ed., MSAT


Currently living in Hawaii and working as an art therapist and artist I am available for online sessions or traditional, in-person sessions if you are on Oahu.


I have been an artist, art educator and art therapist for many years and my extensive background in teaching and learning in diverse cultural contexts, over several decades, makes me uniquely situated to adapt methods, theories and techniques to meet individual client needs. Drawing upon the creative arts, I work with clients to develop skills for addressing the psychological, developmental, emotional and social stressors that affect health and well-being. By engaging in a process of creation followed by critical reflection, my clients can experience the revelatory power of art in the entirely safe and gentle environment of home.


Art therapy utilizes creative arts, specifically visual art to address overwhelming emotions and trauma, resolve conflict, and provide personal insight. The art produced during sessions can catalyze self-discovery and help with the ability to think about old problems in a new way, interrupting cycles of self-defeating behaviors. Art therapy helps the brain recognize, acknowledge and can resolve problems beyond our immediate awareness or consciousness control. Being an artist is not important in order to use the power of creation to examine behaviors, feelings, thoughts and reactions or gain personal insight.  Artistic expression, regardless of talent, helps connect and ground life’s experiences in a gentle and non-threatening way, reorienting and transforming oneself.

The act of making thoughts visible can help access feelings that cannot yet be articulated verbally. By participating in art therapy it is possible to learn about parts of the self previously unavailable in order to express feelings adequately and become better equipped to address emotional trauma, resolve conflict, and gain personal insight.

Originally from the USA, I have lived nearly half my adult life abroad, primarily in Asia and Europe. This international expat experience has given me the ability to know and understand the joys and difficulties in transitioning into new and different environments.

With a BA in Visual Arts, an MA in education and an MSAT in counseling/art therapy and memberships in the American Art Therapy Association, Wisconsin Art Therapy Association, Art Therapy Alliance, International Art Therapy Association and the Hawaiian Island Group Therapy Society, I currently run an art studio in Kailua, Hawaii. 

The online format of sessions and the ability to meet in the comfort of you own home, office or hotel room allows clients to tailor the experience for optimal growth. There are minimal technology requirements and few art supplies necessary for sessions.

For more information about art therapy, what it is and how it works see the articles about art therapy in the “Resources” section of this website.

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