Lora Lee

Psychoanalytic & Developmental Psychologist   HongKong UK Canada

• MSc in Psychoanalytic & Developmental Psychology (The Anna Freud Centre in conjunction
   with University College of London, London, UK)
• MA in Play Therapy (Roehampton University, UK)
• BA in Psychology (York University, Canada)
• Cogmed Working Memory Coach (UK)
• FRIENDS™ for Life facilitator (UK)
• Parents Forever Facilitator (University of Minnesota, U.S.A) 
• New Ways for Families Divorce Co-parenting Education Facilitator (U.S.A)

Lora is a Registered Child Psychologist, practicing a combined Cognitive Therapy and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy approach.

This encourages clients to draw on their own ability and inner resource to develop the skills to change destructive patterns of behaviour.

Lora’s approach stresses the importance of the unconscious, past experience and family dynamic in shaping current behaviour thus undesirable behaviours is learnt and can be modified.

Lora has over eight year’s clinical training and experience with children, adolescents and parents in a variety of settings, e.g. private, non-profit, social work and school.

Lora works with children and adolescents between the ages of 4 to 16, who are experiencing difficulties in parental divorce, bereavement, selective mutism, social anxiety, ADD, bullying (being the bully or the victim), Asperger syndrome and social communication as well as emotional and behavioural functioning. Lora’s aim for each child or adolescent, is to work towards improving their sense of well-being and thus provide a more stable platform to support their future growth.

To optimize this affect, Lora works with each child according to their own unique character, conditions and circumstances.  Lora practices a child-first approach putting the needs of the child or adolescent at the centre of therapeutic treatments.  Lora has also been running a court order divorce co-parenting course and been helping parents learn new ways of communicating and behaving, taking a “no blame, no shame” and child focus approach.

Lora Lee frequently writes for the South China Morning Post.

For more information about Lora please visit

Lora Lee is a member of:

  • Registered Psychologist of the Hong Kong Psychological Society
  • Member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, U.S.A



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