Dr. Kopstein provides fully confidential, professional eSupervision, consultation, and therapy. Using video conferencing, it is a virtual face-to-face session. 

eSupervision provides a convenient way to have professional consultation, support and personal therapy sessions. If you have a busy and erratic work schedule or are living in a rural setting or chaotic metro area, eSupervision allows you to see Dr. Kopstein when more conventional face-to-face sessions are not possible or optimal. It is ideal if you are temporarily relocated or are often outside of your home base.

eSupervision is an excellent option for the busy professional who finds it difficult to schedule another weekly meeting and would rather meet from home or during odd hours. If you would rather not see a professional supervisor or consultant in the community in which you live -- even busy Hong Kong or Bangkok can be “small town” --  eTherapy may be the solution.

Since 2007, Dr. Kopstein has provided experienced and expert eTherapy services following strict confidential and ethical international guidelines. 

Make your time work for you: attain your goals; address your issues.


eSupervision is for fully qualified and active psychologists, psychotherapists, and art therapy counselors as well as interns with their program's approval.


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