Dr. Patricia Philo Kopstein

Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst   HongKong Australia NZ Israel Swiss USA

• MA Psychology, Expressive Arts (USA)
• PhD, D.Min Psychology (USA)
• Diplomate, Jungian Analysis (Zurich)
• International Psychoanalytical Association (UK)

Dr. Kopstein specializes in difficult relocation adjustment, mid-career, medical, and/or mid-profession challenges and transition issues. She also helps individuals with trauma, social anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and self-esteem problems.

Dr. Kopstein extended her post-graduate and post-doctoral studies in Switzerland, Israel, and the USA specializing in Jungian analysis, mid-profession/mid-life challenges, art therapy, and our unique Third Culture experiences. Having worked in the field of psychotherapy since 1978, Patti is experienced and versatile.

Dr. Kopstein has lived and practiced psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the USA, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong and has personally experienced the challenges of being multi-cultural (Third Culture) and living in situations of multi-faith challenges.

Since 2008, Dr. Kopstein has provided professional eTherapy services to expatriates following strict confidential and ethical international guidelines.  Dr. Kopstein provides eTherapy sessions to match your schedule; in any time zone in the world; from your home, office or when you are overseas.

She specializes in mid-profession and mid-life issues, social anxiety, depression, relocation adjustment difficulties, eating disorders and relationship issues, as well as self-identity and self-esteem problems. 

Dr. Kopstein has had extensive experience with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality) and provides on-going supervision and consultation for other psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

As a psychotherapist, Dr. Kopstein utilizes a wide range of approaches to meet the needs and goals of each person including existential, analytic, art therapy, critical incident debriefing (CID), and psychodynamic.  

As a psychoanalyst, Dr. Kopstein offers in-depth, longer-term analysis to discover and explore patterns that influence attitude and behavior as well as highlight the individual’s strengths and goals.

Dr. Kopstein is a member of:

  • Psychological Society of Hong Kong
  • The International Society for Mental Health Online
  • International Expressive Arts Association
  • The International Therapists’ Directory
  • Institute of Professional Psychologists
  • CG Jung Society (MN)
  • Art Therapy Alliance and Digital Art Therapy
  • American Psychological Association (APA International)

Dr. Kopstein can be reached at:



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