About IPS

 Welcome to International Psychological Services


Our services are unique and designed to serve you wherever you are in the world and according to your schedule and needs.

For those of us who live, work or study outside our native homeland, our lives are enriched but also challenged by cultural differences and stresses. Often, as we become more comfortable in the world, we feel further isolated from our native home culture.

For those of us who live in an area that is remote or rural, we do not have ready access to professional psychological services. Sometimes, even in a big metropolitan area, we live in a small, tight community and lack the privacy and confidentiality needed for psychological therapy and support.


Emotional challenges and issues can become bigger in isolation. When your worries and problems don’t resolve in the normal flow of life, please contact us.

We conduct our therapy sessions via video-conferencing. This allows you to schedule sessions anytime no matter where you are.

Our sessions are provided by professional therapists and are completely confidential.

man2   eTherapy is designed to provide professional and confidential psychological services to expatriates as well as those who deal with cross-cultural and mixed-cultural challenges; a global community of shifting friendships and colleagues, and a mixed world of shifting values and traditions as our home “villages” become global.
coffeekeyboard   eSupervision provides a unique service for qualified psychologists and mental health professionals to be able to consult and explore personal issues that interfere with therapy. eSupervision is also available for registered interns and provides case evaluation and support. 

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