If you have a busy work schedule, or are home bound, away at school or living in a rural setting, eTherapy allows you to see a therapist when more conventional face-to-face sessions are not possible or optimal. It is ideal if you are temporarily relocated or are often outside of your home base.

eTherapy is an excellent option for the busy professional who finds it difficult to schedule another weekly meeting and would rather receive counseling at home or during odd hours.

If you would rather not see a therapist in a “small town” community in which you live, eTherapy may be the solution. Our therapists provide fully confidential, professional therapy.

eTherapy is also helpful for older students who are moving away from home to attend boarding school or university and need a supportive counseling bridge to help the adjustment to a new living situation, new cultures, unclear social expectations and higher study demands. University students may also benefit from support with the challenges of freedom, loneliness, culture shock or academic stress. Older adolescents and young adults may also continue therapy in their new locales with privacy and professional interventions.

Our psychotherapists can provide sessions in consultation with school psychologists and administrators.

eTherapy is a good option for most people but is not available for children, young adolescents, or those who are at high risk for self-harm or suicide.

International Psychological Services provides experienced and expert eTherapy services following strict confidential and ethical international guidelines.

Make your time work for you! Attain your goals and address your issues.


Technical Information

VoIP (voice over IP) and streaming video is now commonplace on the internet and allows a solution for those too busy, migratory, isolated or remote to see a therapist in a more conventional setting.

Free software and inexpensive hardware will allow you to get the help you need.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.





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